Xzavier Bilbo-Davis

It’s a tragic story of an innocent five-year old child being ran over by a driver who was texting instead of watching the road.  A senseless act that left life long consequences for a child just starting his life.

Xzavier survived.  He is very seriously injured and has to have round the clock nurses to keep an eye on his trachea equipment.  He is confined to a wheelchair.

Xzavier likes games.  His mother said, “Games, games, games, it’s always games for Xzavier’.  He is insatiable when it comes to video games.

His other passion is ‘the Green Bay Packers’.  Ever since he was little he loved them.  When he was three he taught himself how to use the remote control so he could find a ‘Packers’ game and his family dubbed his use of the remote control as ‘the Packers search’.

So where do we go from here?  We can only go forward and we can continue on in this campaign to get drivers to stop this insane act of using cell phones when they should be watching the road.  They should be watching for kids in school zones, but more and more drivers are using cell phones in school zones, putting more children at risk.  You can read new articles every day from Milwaukee to Austin on how dangerous our roads have become.

Xzavier survived and that is rare.  Usually the victims of texting drivers end up as statistics, but Xzavier is made up of some pretty tough stuff and he survived.  And we have a message for you,

‘Don’t text for X’




a good birthday

Thank you everyone for visiting Xzavier’s webpages.  Xzavier and his family like to make public appearances to keep reaching out with their message against Distracted Driving.

You can donate to ‘the X-Man Foundation’ in person at any Educator’s Credit Union or you can friend his mom Valetta Bradford,


And tell her you would like to make a donation.  She is set up with PayPal to receive donations through her email provider.  The X-Man Foundation is a federally recognized non-profit and your donations are tax deductible.

They need your support to keep going.  Xzavier and his family are going to keep going because what else can they do.  They do not sit around and wish for change.  By helping get them out in front of other drivers you are helping make the roads safer for the ones you love.  Xzavier is important.  He’s kind of a big deal.  He’s been featured in a documentary by Werner Herzog and he has made a Public Service Announcement that was also directed by Werner Herzog.  He makes public appearances to all kinds of schools, including high schools and driving schools.  He has been featured many times by local news stations in Milwaukee, WI.   He has been interviewed by Katie Couric.

And that’s just the beginning.

One thought on “Xzavier Bilbo-Davis

  1. You can find Valetta Bradford on facebook. Valetta is keeping us up to date on their trip to California. Tomorrow is the premiere for the documentary against distracted driving featuring Xzavier and his mom Valetta.


    This documentary is directed by Werner Herzog. X and his family and his nurse will appear on the red carpet by Werner’s side.

    Let Valetta know you want to donate to the on-going care of X. She is set up with PayPal through her personal email.

Xzavier = Survivor = Heroes !! Thank you to all of our sponsors. Meeting Valetta and Xzavier is a profound moment in any driver's life. One that might give pause before continuing on in a determined course of distracted driving. We all become heroes one driver at a time. Contact Valetta Bradford to arrange appearances at your event. http://contactvaletta.wordpress.com

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