Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee WI

Proclamation by Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee

Xzavier Daivs-Bilbo is a spokesman against Distracted Driving.

October 11th of 2014 will be ‘Xzavier Day!’

Xzavier was injured on October 1o, 2010 in a crosswalk near his home in Milwaukee, WI.  The driver who struck him was texting.  Xzavier was just five years old then.

He survived and Xzavier is nine years old now.  He was badly injured and his future was taken into the restricted zone.  Xzavier is confined to a wheelchair and to a respirator.

Help us make ‘Xzavier Day’ the best day he can possibly have by donating to ‘the X-Man Foundation’ on-line at the link below;

We are asking for volunteers to share this invitation to Skype with us for ‘Xzavier Day’.  We will need loaner equipment to Skype from our end and if you have any aspiring musicians that want to audition to include your song for ‘Xzavier Day’ and you can Skype in with your own equipment, send your links in through our comment section on this article.

There will be news coverage of the Mayor Proclamation and we are also hoping to skype in some talk show hosts.

‘Xzavier Day‘ will be an afternoon event lasting from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

We are hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of using cell phones while driving with an emphasis on texting.

The ‘Story of X’ is a powerful story that all drivers should hear about and we are hoping his story will give drivers pause before they they use their phones behind the wheel.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo had to endure nine surgeries after a woman who was texting struck him with her car.  Xzavier is paralyzed from the diaphragm down and is on a respirator

We are also asking for a photographer to be on hand for this event.  We will appreciate all who want to volunteer for this task because the pictures we take on ‘Xzavier Day’ will be sent around the world alerting drivers everywhere to watch the road and put down those phones.

‘Don’t text for X’

We are asking for other cities to partner with us in raising awareness to the campaign of ‘the X-Man Foundation’. 

We are asking for volunteers to host venues through your book clubs, your sports organizations, your motorcycle clubs, your bowling leagues, your ladies clubs, your boys clubs, your families and your businesses.

If you can put a group together and skype in and share your stories, we would appreciate it.  We are asking for loaner equipment for ground zero.  We may be able to get the local Milwaukee news stations to set this up for us for ‘Xzavier Day’.

We are asking for local vendors in Milwaukee to donate platters of Subway sandwiches, pizzas, tacos, breakfast tacos, bagels, coffees, cokes, cakes and balloons.

Here in Texas we are asking for vendors to donate bar b q and pecan pies and if we can get some equipment to Skype ‘Xzavier Day’ in with and a big screen to watch them we just might set up in front of the Capitol of Texas for Xzavier Day!

We have the months of August and September ahead of us to put this together.  Please share this with all your contacts and God bless.

Donate to the X-Man Foundation on-line here;















Xzavier = Survivor = Heroes !! Thank you to all of our sponsors. Meeting Valetta and Xzavier is a profound moment in any driver's life. One that might give pause before continuing on in a determined course of distracted driving. We all become heroes one driver at a time. Contact Valetta Bradford to arrange appearances at your event.

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